Music and the Imagination

In this program, hear about how music can be used to stimulate the imagination for healing and empowerment. Listen to answers to questions from listeners about the relationship between pop stars and healing music, learn how to choose music for a supportive music imagery experience, and try out a sample guided imagery session. In conclusion, Dr. Swamy discusses how she used live music and imagery to help “Elizabeth,” a 9 year old girl heal from abandonment and abuse, and shares a recording of the song they created together from this experience.


Serenade for Strings in E Major — Antonin Dvorak

One Moment in Time — Whitney Houston

Native Funk — Burning Sky

The Lion Sleeps Tonight — Lady Mbule

Farewell to Stromness — the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Invocation — Shyam Smaranam

Veena-Murali — Ravi Shankar (Chants of India)

The Sun is Setting — “Elizabeth”

Click below to hear a podcast of this show.


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