About the host

Dr. Sangeeta Swamy, host of The Sound Effect, is a Board Certified Music Therapist, musician, researcher, scholar and educator. Her love for radio began at KGNU in Boulder, Colorado, where she was a host of Musica Mundi and a producer on For Your Health. She is a passionate supporter of community radio and is enjoying getting to know WCOM members in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. She teaches at Duke University, has taught music therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is a published author. She is currently the founder of Sound Mind, a music and wellness center offering services throughout North Carolina and beyond, and has worked with children, teens, and adults for over twenty years.

One thought on “About the host

  1. Love this new radio program. Love the way you worked your voice within the music. It is magical. Why? Because I can’t tell whether the music is carrying the story or if it’s your voice that is carrying the music. It doesn’t matter. Divinely inspired. Brava!
    Lee Anne McClymont, MHA

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