Death Valley, sacred silence and sound shamanism: An interview with violinist Jennifer Curtis

How does a career as a European classical violinist intersect with sound healing? In this interview, violinist Jennifer Curtis takes us on an extraordinary journey of how she turned family disease, personal heartbreak and a trip to Death Valley into sacred silence, synchronicity, and study with a Peruvian sound shaman. Hear about the humanistic motivation behind her award winning and passionate performances, how she uses sound healing on stage to reach audience members, and her upcoming chamber music and sound healing workshop at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

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Shostakovich and the mysterious healing

“What is this mysterious medium that moves and heals us?” How does music work as a therapeutic and wellness tool? What does it look like? Where did these practices begin? This show starts out with Dr. Sangeeta Swamy’s experience with the Chagall String Quartet, and how an audience member’s story of healing led her to discover the therapeutic powers of music. Learn about professions such as sound healing, music practitioners, music therapy, and music thanatology and find out about the work these healers do with everyday children, teens and adults across the country.

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