Music therapy with military service members: An interview with Rebecca Vaudreuil

In this podcast, find out how board certified music therapist Rebecca Vaudreuil uses singing and songwriting to help military service members cope with post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and rebuild relationships with their families. Through the military outreach program at Resounding Joy, a nonprofit organization serving under-served populations in San Diego, California, hear about the struggles that service members experience, how music empowers them, and listen to music composed and performed by veterans. To find out more about Resounding Joy, visit or email Rebecca at

The music played on this show was written and composed by military service members during music therapy groups and individual sessions:

No Freedom

Heaven is Livin’

God’s Gift – A Second Chance (performed by Rebecca Vaudreuil and a client with traumatic brain injury)


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More than a song: An interview with Dr. Barbara Dunn

In this program, Dr. Barbara Dunn, a music therapist from Seattle, Washington, talks about her new book, More Than a Song: Exploring the Healing Art of Music Therapy. Director of the music therapy program at Whidbey General Hospital, she shares stories and songs from her work with patients with AIDS, lung disease, labor contractions, panic attacks and pain. Through songwriting, vocalizing, music relaxation, and other techniques, she speaks about the influence of Buddhist psychology in her approach and the importance of being present and meeting patients where they are at. Her book is published through the University Book Store Press in Seattle. To contact her or to order a copy of her book, visit


I will Remember You — Barbara Dunn

Old Devil Time — Pete Seeger

We Have Come This Far — Barbara Dunn

Sing A Lullaby —  Barbara Dunn

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